Stuart Bewley, Owner, Alder Springs Vineyards
“You truly have an ability to see something and know how it all fits together and how to describe it. This is a wonderful talent that I do not have. Thank you for sharing that talent with the rest of us. … I am very pleased with the direction you took the conversations and you have opened my eyes to a whole new direction for marketing in a way that I am very excited about. I am looking forward to taking the next steps in the coming weeks.”

Bryan Schell, VP Sales & Marketing, Winestar
“Always positive and honest, Chip is someone who you can trust will drive results and make the connections for success.”

Bo Jordheim, Marketing Specialist, Blackfish Spirits Distilling
“Chip was huge help for our business. He did a fantastic job helping find the direction we wanted to take our brand and get our business to the next level. We’re feeling much more confident in where we’re heading now, thanks to Chip.”

 Shelly Shick-McGlothern, Owner at Bad Dog Distillery
“Chip is a great guy! I’m excited about his extensive knowledge of the many sectors of the industry. I know great things will transpire for our distillery with Chip’s guidance.”

Edward Rizzo, Commercial Print Specialist, The Village Media Group
“Chip has one of the most creative, inventive minds I have come across. He understands how people, food & wine work together and has a flare to bring these elements together and merge them into an unforgettable experience. He’s also one heck of a cook. It’s all in the “sauce!” I would recommend Chip as a teacher, consultant or friend. He excels at them all”



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